Carta Studio

About Carta Studio

Carta is about the preciousness of the natural world around us. My creations are bold, colorful, and fresh. 

Silver, brass, bright colors and semi-precious stones form abstract representations of topographic maps. Contours from land and water are used to create a stunning collection of handmade jewelry and home goods.

I seek to satisfy collectors that are driven by wanderlust and provide them with objects that evoke that eternal hunger for marvel.

About the Artist

Once a Milwaukee, WI native, Cory O’Brien Borkowski is a contemporary visual artist living in Omaha, NE. She utilizes the natural shapes in topographical maps of the places on Earth that hold meaning for her. Her art jewelry is a dissection and appropriation of these patterns to highlight the preciousness of the world around us and our relationship to it.  

Cory's work utilizes a culmination of techniques that span across digital fabrication and design, traditional metal fabrication, and industrial processes. She takes the best of all worlds to create a body of work that transforms the perspective of what traditional jewelry could be. 


Cory O’Brien Borkowski graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metals with a certificate in Digital Fabrication and Design from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Borkowski has worked as an independent goldsmith for 9 years, taught community art classes for UW-Milwaukee, taught private visual art lessons, given art lectures, and curated major events. After completing her artist in residency at Var Gallery and Studios, she has curated a scholarship and internship program for emerging artists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee through her past companies; such as Kessler's Diamonds and Forever Companies.